Mindfulness for Teachers


Mike was fortunate enough to take a full year apprenticeship with the Mindfulness Schools Institution in California. Mike is qualified to help cultivate the ability for teachers to work with the stress and demand that their role requires. Mike will provide the teachers with the tools to develop a mindfulness attitude and environment within the classroom.


Mindfulness K-8


Based off the Mindfulness School Curriculum, Mike has developed a variety of workshops, ranging from an Introduction into Mindfulness to an 8 week program developed for students.


Mindfulness 9-12



Mike offers a variety of workshops for secondary school students. These workshops include: Introduction into Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Self Confidence, A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week Program for Teens, Mindfulness for Healthy Minds, and Mindfulness and Addiction.


Stressed  Students 


Mike has developed and implemented programs to help university and college students realize the importance on being present. Students are provided the basic tools to help them cope with fear, worry and stress that is associated with daily life. Mike offers large and small group talks to students, as well as 1-on-1 services. 


Mindfulness 101



Mike offers an introduction to Mindfulness, the science behind the practice and most importantly, the tools to start a beginner's practice. 


Mindful Parenting 



Mike offers a workshop for any parent on dealing with the highs and lows of parenting. Mike discusses the natural  frustration, worries, stress and fear that comes with parenting children of all ages. During the workshop parents will explore the importance of self care and the "how to" apply mindfulness while parenting. The results of these techniques allow parents to work with stress in a healthier way, as well as the ability to be more present with their children.