A practical  path to mindfulness. 

Mike Masse is a holistic therapist who specializes in applying mindfulness techniques to help youth and adults reduce stress and anxiety. Over the past 13 years Mike has worked with a diverse population from inner city youth to university students and corporations. Mike is passionate about encouraging individuals to cultivate an inner stillness, working towards subtle changes that have a significant impact on their mental health, confidence, self judgement and awareness.

Our staff responded unbelievably well to his workshop. We are currently using the tools with our staff and students.
— Scott M.
I really had no idea that 4 and 5 year olds could meditate - truly amazing!
— Laura B.
I truly value the addition Mike has made to my life
— Stephanie
The kids loved the workshop. I was shocked by their participation.
— Anne, Grade 11 Teacher
Mike made the workshop engaging and completely interactive.
— Jon C.
I’ve done many mindfulness courses, sessions, retreats ... This is by far the best!
— Sarah, M.D.